Three Dimensional Imaging
for chronic pain management

Osteopath Di Mascio Gerard is based in Rouen.

3D posture analysis leads to a medical diagnosis to improve the management of a very large percentage of  pains: back pain, MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders), etc.
This analysis is about body balance. It is carried out in a comfortable standing position and takes into account the positions of the feet, the eyes, the shoulders, the pelvis, the spine (scoliosis).
3D posture analysis can help sportsmen and sportswomen enhance their performance.

carries out an overall assessment of postural disorders and his aim is to correct them.
Diagnosis is often made in a single session. Posturologist intervenes at the request of another health professional or the patient himself. Correcting the tonic postural system can contribute to the success of any other treatment.

Through patients follow-up, posturologist contributes to the improvement of quality of life.